Monday, June 13, 2011

From the cute files: dog available for check out from Yale Law Library

Monty - he's calming me just with his picture.

From the cute files - here's a tender story from Yale Law School. As librarians, how can you help the poor, lost, lonely looking students who are getting totally stressed come exam time? Yale's librarians solution was to let their students check out a dog, of course.

"The Yale Law School’s therapy dog is here to stay.

A pilot program last month that allowed law students to rent Monty — a brown, hypoallergenic 21-pound border terrier mix — was so well received that the library will allow students to borrow the dog in May before final exams, said Law School Director of Public Affairs Janet Conroy. He will return before exams next year as well, said librarian and professor S. Blair Kauffman, who added that Monty is emblematic of the student-centered services the law library aims to provide.

“Monty is symbolic of what we’re about: being supportive and caring towards students,” Kauffman said. “Law is a profession that requires research, and we want to be the place students come to learn and feel at home.”"

Now how can I wrangle having one of our dogs become library mascots?

Read the full article here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A depressing graph - Interest over time in "libraries" via Google insight

Fewer and fewer people are interested in searching for the term "Libraries" via Google.

What does that imply for libraries?