Friday, April 29, 2011


Welcome to my penultimate blog post for the a-z challenge. Yes I have talked, and shared content, from today's topic often on this blog and doubtless you are all familiar with this site. But I thought I had to have a post devoted to a site that occupies almost countless hours of my life. I love to laugh, I love to learn, I love to be entertained. I think YouTube is a pretty amazing creation for achieving all of these things, and sure there are other video sites out there, but YouTube was the first to capture the public's imagination and I think is still one of the largest, and one of the best.

Millions of short videos have been created and shared, but stealing a quote from one of my favourite movies the Matrix, unfortunately noone can be told what the YouTube is. You have to see it for yourself. And what better example of YouTube could there be, then this YouTube star singing at the YouTube live event:


  1. I love YouTube. It's my go-to site for anything I want to learn, comedy I'd like to view, or find any commercial, TV show, or movie from the past. I like how it's being used as a new creative media as well.

    Go YouTube!

  2. YouTube is an AMAZING site - so much available at a moment's notice. Excellent post - thanks for sharing it!