Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Stephen Wolfram, author, scientist and creator of Mathematica computational software has built an answer engine based on Mathematica called Wolfram|Alpha.

Unlike search engines like Google, Wolfram is full of data chosen by humans, and students, educators, researchers, and simply the curious can do some pretty cool computations using natural language queries. And it's free.

I've only scratched the surface, but I know it will come in handy for that statistics paper I've been putting off.

Have you used it? Or have you read the imposing, 1200 page, A new kind of science? It gets mixed reviews on Amazon.

"Wolfram|Alpha is the world's first and only computational knowledge engine.
Enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its computational power and ever growing collection of knowledge to compute the answer. Discover new information about the world, and integrate expert knowledge into any facet of your life.
For more information about Wolfram|Alpha, please visit:"


  1. Hey you, I've awarded you an award. Come pick it up.

  2. Hi!
    Wow, maybe Google has some competition now. Have a great day!

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  3. Woah, I could see myself using this a lot. At least for specific questions. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. wow this looks very helpful--particularly for writing research. thanks for sharing!
    Great meeting you through the A-Z :)