Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for T-shirts - librarian themed.

We don't have to wear uniforms where I work, but it might be cool to wear one of these. I'd certainly like public librarians' more easily identified as such, and a (witty, attractive) t-shirt could be the way.


  1. I want the ninja by night shirt!

    In our library we have our summer reading t-shirts which is often our default clothing choice during the program and we had some polo shirts made up for those that wanted them. But I would love the ninja shirt for a Saturday shift or on the children's desk when school lets out.

  2. Those are some great T-shirts. Nice bumping into you :)

  3. Hi!
    All great shirts. I like the first one and the dog one. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. The quote from the Mummy has always stood out to me. She was such a great character. All these are very cool!I think it would be great if public librarians could wear something topical and humorous.

  5. What a great selection of librarian shirts!

  6. I think we all know what a librarian looks like... JK! I like the shirts =)
    Happy a-z challenge!