Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for LIANZA Quiz night!

Today's post is for the LIANZA quiz I helped with tonight.

At least 100 librarians and archivists filled the Black Harp pub. My LIANZA committee colleague Laurinda met me there and throughout the evening while she excelled with a laptop and entered quiz marks, I busily marked quiz answer sheets. Thanks to Sean from the Archives association, ARANZ, who organized the night, and Rob from the Black Harp who was MC and bore the brunt of abuse from some disputed answers. A good night, but I'd rather compete!

False modesty aside, I'm quite good at quizzes, especially in a well mixed team. I think I'm best on pop culture, movies and music. When the sports rounds come around I respectfully let others take the lead. At my workplace, the library has won 2 of of the last 3 years' quizzes, the one we didn't win we were organizing so didn't compete.

I'd love to do more pub (bar) quizzes. I might have to turn up at a few and see how it goes.

How's your general knowledge?


  1. I could've been a millionaire several times over only if I would've been the one answering questions on national television.

  2. You're an asset to any pub quiz team.