Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for JFGI

If you ever ask someone a question and they tell you to enter JFGI* into Google, be warned that they are having a go at you for asking what they think you should be looking up yourself. 

I wonder if busy rushed off their feet librarians have ever felt a similar sentiment, hopefully not in so many words.

I adhere to my highschool English teacher's philosophy that there are no stupid questions. He did end that statement with "only stupid people", but I wouldn't go that far.  A so called stupid question is a "teachable moment" and you can help the asker by showing how to locate the answer rather then spoon feeding them.

Also, I'm sure I'm guilty of asking some stupid questions, so he who casts the first stone etc etc.

Have you ever been tempted to JFGI someone?

*If you are wondering what JFGI stands for, Google it! Includes strong language so may be NSFW


  1. I've never seen that abbreviation before but I like it. I am afraid of sounding stupid so I Google a lot of things instead of asking. I am also guilty of googling something then pretending I knew what people were talking about before I googled it. (spell check does not like me using Google as a verb)

  2. I had to Google it, too! That's too funny! I totally understand why librarians would want to use that phrase. Personally, I don't know why anyone would trouble someone else with a question that could be easily answered by Google. However, there are times when Google can't narrow it down enough, or it narrows it down too much and for whatever reason the question remains a mystery. Also, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from being inquisitive or trying to learn something. That goes against my life motto!


  3. I googled! Love it! Have added it to my vocabulary!!