Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for dachshunds

Well they might not be libraryland related (apart from some stunning bookends below), but as they take up so much of my time I have to devote my D post to Dachshunds.

Phoebe and Connor - this is how they spend most of their time.

Connor helping to unpack the groceries

Connor young pup during a wet river walk

I think this is my favourite, almost art deco.

Phoebe as a young pup.

Another puppy shot.

We are owned by two five-kilo (11-pound) miniature dachshunds. Phoebe is long-haired and Connor is wire-haired. They aren't related, though they are the best of friends and spend hours a day playing, snuggling or causing mischief.

Dachshunds, like all official dog breeds, look that way for a reason. They were originally bred to fight badgers (their name means badger dog, even though they are called deckels or teckels in Germany, go figure), so their long and low bodies help them fit into badger holes, and their deep chests let them rest on the ground while they use their paws to dig. They have personalities to rival any larger badger or animal: the official breed standard states "brave beyond means" (it used to be "bold to the point of rashness" but I guess the spin doctors have rewritten it). Ours definitely exhibit some classic dachshund traits, but they are charming nonetheless. Phoebe is the softer of the two, both of coat and personality, as Connor will often try to take on strange dogs up to and including those 4-5 times his size. He is getting better though, and has some good doggy friends.

I tried to make him some real-life friends through a site called doggyspace, but this is the Internet, and that site is more for talking about your dog as if you were it, and as if it had its own blog. Haven't done much with it as I wanted to meet people in the real world.

And I have to give a shout-out to Four Legs Good blog, run by my wonderful partner. Here you will find many interesting stories about pets, including many featuring our two dachshunds.

All the best.


  1. You could've also used these guys for A...Adorable!

  2. A is for adorable, B is for beautiful, C is for cute - I definitely agree with Anita!! I love the pic after a wet river walk!
    Hello from a fellow Kiwi - sorry it's taken me so long to visit your blog, but what a fascinating blog it is! And your job sounds terrific! Thanks for stopping by earlier in the week. Hope all is well in Wellington - my most favourite of cities. Have a wholly bagel for me :)

  3. PS your blog needs an award! I give you the one lovely blog award! Pick it up here: http://bit.ly/awardpickup

  4. Hi!
    I was sent here by The Book Gatherer. I see why now. My post today is about Miniature Dachshunds too. Ours are Katie and Bubba, they are brother and sister. If you want to meet them come on over to my place. Phoebe and Connor are really cute! Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  5. Great shots!

    Dogs have been top-of-mind here as well. My wife and I adopted a rescue dog shortly after we were married. That was 20 years ago. He's facing end of life issues, and we'll have hard decisions to make in the weeks to come.

    Regardless, our paths have been sunnier and more spirited because we walked them together. Neither he nor we could ask for more than that.

    D: Devious Devices from the DeMoulin factory

  6. @Anita Kirstin and Sylvia, thanks, they are a handful but they do photograph well.

    Thanks for the Award Sylvia.

    Sherrie your pups are great!

    Sorry to hear about your dog Joe, what a fantastic innings he's had. A testment to your love and care. Hope our dogs can live anywhere near that age.