Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Cataloguing - your personal collections of books, CDs, and more.

This is the study, where lots of work gets done blog editing.
Another view, too many books to get in one shot.

My partner has a lot of books, CDs and is starting to build a DVD collection. 
Opera CDs

The last vestiges of an outdated technology

My small but messy book collection.

Cataloguing our collections

I go through obsessions, where I get intensely interested in a topic or activity and do it at the cost of sleep or regular, mundane tasks like housework.  This is why I have dozens of half-finished books in my collection. If a book doesn't grab me and I read it every free moment, it will be relegated back to the unfinished shelf. I'm like this with a lot of things, they have to grab me, and then I power through.

Recently, one of these obsessions as been cataloguing my partner's CD collection. This is mostly opera CDs. I discovered there were over 300 hundred CDs just on Opera in his collection! They are still in no particlar order on the shelf, but they are all recorded so we can sit and browse his collection from any computer with the internet.

His books are another matter, and I have only just scraped the surface. There are at least 500 of these, probably more like 800 all kept in our study, Nick's workplace as he mostly works from home.   He's a professional journalist who edits blogs (I know - lucky me, a very handy critic).

There are several book cataloguging tools out there, but I liked the software I did use as you are able to put all your collections into one database.

This site was itrackmine - a site that helps you organize your life and your collections, from books and CDs, to household appliances and software. You can even make a custom collection of anything. Say you collect teapots - you could use itrackmine to catalogue your teapot collection and share it with friends. Especially useful for insurance purposes.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they have on their shelf, either books, music or movies. You can find out about Nick here:

And you can find all about me and my tastes here:

Have you catalogued your collections? What tools did you use and would you recommend them?


  1. Wow, that is quite the collection you've got there! I like to be organized but I don't think I have the dedication to catalog everything I own. I find it impressive that you have cataloged your whole collection.

  2. My DVD's have been filed in alphabetical order, but that's the extent of any cataloguing.

  3. No, but I did go around making lists of all the books on the craft of writing I have on the shelf, in audiobook and on my Kindle. It was shameful (so of course I instantly blogged about it to share my sickness).

    I am a big library lover, so had my books in categories and then author's name, but my 13yr old daughter is decorating her room with a theme of books and is grouping them by colour (this was initially quite difficult for me, but it does look good). I don't know how she finds anything but she knows where they all are (I still get heebie jeebies that the series books are not together, in order).

  4. Sounds just like me with going through specific phases. Spot on! But why did you have to mention this cataloging site? Now I know what will be holding my attention for the next couple days! :-)
    Great collections!

  5. I love the writing set up, I wish I had the room for that. Nice post.
    Busy is Reading

  6. I've been using iTrackMine for several years, and it's been wonderful - mobile lookups in-store to prevent duplicate purchases, personal notes and IDs to arrange and rearrange collections at a whim, DVDs searchable by title, actor, and director and books by title and author - both within my collection and throughout the universe. And, of course, a lending feature, with date-due emails and a reliable means of tracking purchase cost and values. What's more, it's super, super easy - especially if you secure yourself a barcode reader.